How To Handle Attachment Issues

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If your child is going to child care, it can be a stressful time for both you and your child. You're leaving your child with someone else to be cared for and looked after, and your child is with a stranger that he hasn't met before. It's a stressful time, and sometimes that stress can lead to attachment issues, which can make things even more difficult for you the parent. Attachment issues should be handled with care to ease your child into daycare. See below for some helpful tips to ease attachment issues.

Be Positive

Be positive when talking about your child going to daycare. Always talk about daycare in a positive light. Don't talk about how sad you're going to be that your child is at daycare, instead talk about how much fun your child is going to have at daycare and how many friends he will meet there. If you talk about daycare in a negative way or you're sad about daycare, your child will pick up on that and will feel the same way about daycare. 

Meet The Teacher

Meet with your child's teacher (or daycare provider) ahead of time with your child to let your child get used to the teacher. See if you can take your child there a few times before he actually starts daycare to get him used to going. This way it isn't such a shock when he starts going and the teacher doesn't feel so much like a stranger to him.

Pick Out A Special Backpack Or Outfit

Have your child pick out a backpack for your child to take to daycare to get him excited about going. Also have your child pick out a special outfit to wear his first day of daycare. This is a great way to get your child excited about his first day and helps make your child feel like a big kid at the same time, which can help with his confidence.

Keep Goodbyes Short And Sweet

Keep your goodbyes short and sweet when you drop him off at daycare. Don't stick around for too long or linger, as your child will want to to stay longer. Give your child a hug and kiss and tell him to have a great day, then leave. Keep your routine the same each day and keep it short. Also keep your tears in for when you leave. Don't let your child see you upset or crying, this will only upset your child further.

Attachment issues are common, especially in smaller children. Try your best to stay positive about daycare, be sure your child meets with the teacher ahead of time, and keep the goodbye routine short and sweet. Talk to the daycare provider about other things you can do to help with attachment issues.

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