Sending Your Child Off To Preschool On That First Day On A High Note

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You want to make sure you get your child off to their first day of preschool with everything they need to have a great day. The better prepared they feel going through those doors that first day, the better you will feel about sending them through the doors. Your child may try to cry and run after you on that first day, so you do want to be prepared for this.

However, there are some ways you can go about decreasing the chances of them throwing a fit like this. Here are some tips you can follow to make the preschool transition as easy as possible on the both of you.

Let your child pick out their own new outfit

Explain to your child that they are getting bigger and going to preschool is proof of this. Another thing that comes with growing older is having more responsibility and asserting more independence. Tell them this is why you are going to take them out for a new pair of clothes that they will pick out to wear on the first day of preschool.

Your child will have a great time picking out the new clothes they get to wear. While you may want to provide some assistance, so they don't start school looking like a space cowboy or cowgirl, you should allow them to have a lot of say with what they get.

Let them pick out their school supplies

You also want to follow suit by allowing them to pick out their own school supplies for their first day of preschool. Some examples of some of the things they may need include:

Give them a letter you wrote for them and tell them not to open it until lunchtime

By sending your child off to preschool with a secret letter from you that's only to be opened at lunch, you will be giving them a surprise to look forward to. Knowing they can't open it until lunch will give them something else to have their mind on which can help them when it comes to relieving them of some of those nerves they may be feeling.

Introduce them to one of the kids on the way to class

You can stop another child and parent as you are walking toward the class and get the two of them to introduce themselves to one another. Kids make friends easily, and this can help by giving them someone to enter the classroom with. You may be surprised at how quickly they will turn to their brand-new friend as a form of support and let you walk away without them throwing a fit.

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